Even in the sprawling and diverse city of London, it can be difficult to track down a professional Russian speaking psychologist offering a flexible and tailor-made service which can be arranged within a matter of days.

Whilst competition does exist, few such counselling psychotherapists come from a fully qualified background of doctoral research on Russian immigrants, certified training programs (run by both British and Russian therapists) and extensive experience. Perhaps most crucial is a willingness to change and adapt to suit clients’ individual needs.

Over the years, I have worked in a variety of psychotherapeutic environments. These have included a luxury private clinic in Zurich, a prison, a bereavement counselling service, a high security mental hospital, and a psychoanalytically oriented pastoral foundation. This range of experience has allowed me to shape my own unique approach from a combination of different psychological models.

Of course, should a client wish to discuss a particular approach or form of psychological therapy, or require specific adjustments to a general treatment model, this is also often possible. For example, I am trained in short-term hypnotherapy techniques for fast relief from acute anxiety, stress, or dependencies such as drugs or smoking.

Obviously, sessions can also be conducted in English.

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